Department of Construction

الهندسة المدنية
The urban development we are witnessing today, and the trend towards investment in housing, has increased the responsibilities of civil engineers. The labour market today urgently needs specialized and qualified cadres to pursue its work and responsibilities in this field, which reflects positively on the progress of the projects, and their achievement with excellence and professionalism, and this program is designed to help you, and provide you with the necessary skills for this profession, giving you real support on the ground to turn your passion and interest in this field into a profession you are practicing.
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who should attend?

This program is suitable for you:

– If you have interest and love for this profession and need effective training to achieve excellence in it
– If you are a student or graduate of civil engineering colleges and need qualification and training to enter the labor market
– If you are currently working in civil engineering, you need to hone your skills and develop your abilities to learn about everything new in this field


Program objectives:
This program aims to:

– Providing students with the knowledge and skills needed for the civil engineering profession, so that they can work side by side with civil engineers and space engineers
– Developing students’ ability to prepare different architectural and construction drawings for all types of projects
– Establishing students to manage projects and accomplish tasks at the lowest cost and best ways
– Knowledge of contracts and specifications
– Developing students’ skills and ability to deal with software in construction 


Program hubs:
1- Quantity management in civil engineering and contracts

2- Soil mechanics

3- Structural analysis

4- Design of concrete structures

5- Structural steel and timber design

6- Construction Management

7- Preparing the technical specifications of the project

8- MIB technology

Looking for higher education, at the postgraduate level (Master’s, Professional Doctorate) ?