Business Administration Department - Accounting and Auditing

Accounting is defined as a tool for measuring financial activity For organizations, to reach results and information about the expected costs, expected expenses, estimate of profits, clarify the value and nature of the resources available in the facility, and study and analyze financial reports and other accounts and financial values, to access information and results and communicate them to the beneficiaries. The concept of accounting has evolved into science and art based on recognized scientific principles governing the registration, tabulation, analysis and summary of the financial operations related to the company or enterprise, making accounting a required discipline in the labour market and a necessary key in each company or establishment.
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who should attend?

Directors of all companies and institutions

Directors of financial divisions in companies 

Accountants in all companies, institutions and bodies

Officials in the management accounting department of the company

Students and graduates of the Faculties of Economics and Finance 

Anyone who has an ambition to learn the accounting program


The program aims to:

To give participants the necessary expertise in the management of financial instruments of all kinds

How to deal with financial statements and their listings in the journal

Providing participants with sufficient experience in the registration of financial statements and inventory adjustments  

Work to implement, review and audit all financial procedures


Specialized materials in accounting and auditing:

1.Financial accounting

2. Administrative accounting

3. Government accounting

4.Audit and audit

5.Accounting systems

About materials:

1- Financial accounting: the most important branches of accounting, where it adjusts the work of the company or the establishment financially and registers each stray and contained in it to highlight it in the form of financial lists that benefit the administrators of the institution to make financial decisions.

Our main themes for this specialty are:

-Analysis of financial statements

-Record financial transactions in the journal

-Balance of review


-Closing accounts

2-Administrative accounting: financial processes and partnership by making administrative decision and planning and monitoring the operations of the financial entity that helps the management of the company in the implementation of the work and achieve the required objectives, which is the activity used to prepare the financial statements of the institution, which is one of the most important things needed by companies.

The main themes of this specialty are:

-Financial planning

-Analysis and feasibility studies

-Statistical analysis

-Standard costs Internal control

3-Government Accounting: A branch of accounting, which expresses all public sector activities, and records, tabs and summarizes financial operations related to government activity to impose financial and legal control over state revenues and expenses.

Our main themes in this specialty are:

-Accounting measurement in government accounting 

-Cost system in government units

-Preparing the budgets of government departments

-Financial statements and their uses

-Accounting adjustments

-Balance of review after settlement

4- Audit and audit: Audit of what has already been recorded, compiled and summarized in order to verify the validity of the information and to produce a neutral technical opinion, and to add a degree of confidence to the information contained in the financial statements, including the audit, investigation and report.

The main themes of this specialty are:

-Financial review

-Examining the calculation of financial transactions

-Tax return

-Internal control

-Planning the audit process

5-Accounting systems: one of the areas of accounting that specializes in developing accounting systems in the company, then supervising its implementation, and then evaluating them. It is an interconnected set of physical and human elements that interact together to manage and control financial statements, and this specialization has been increased by the use of computers in accounting and electronic data operation. The main themes of this specialty are:

-Financial statements

-Support documents

-Account receipt

-Accounting books

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