Trainer Accreditation System

What does Oxford Vocational and Technical Training College Certified Trainer title mean?

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Obtaining the title of an accredited international trainer from Oxford Vocational and Technical Training College opens many horizons for you in the world of training

Cooperating with many international training institutions around the world and increasing training opportunities for the certified trainer.
Grant the participants in your training courses certificates in the name of the certified trainer issued by Oxford Vocational and Technical Training College and approved by an investigator and internationally certified by the British Apostille, the British Commonwealth, and the British Foreign Office
As a certified trainer, you can benefit from some of the advantages of Oxford College, and after you have approved the first training bag in your name, you can take advantage of all the services provided by the Oxford College educational platform for trainers, including adding training courses for these bags on the platform and activating them for presentation by direct attendance, synchronous online or asynchronous online, Update course dates
The trainer provides internationally accredited training courses for participants according to international standards, starting with the training package, passing through the certified trainer, and then submitting an approved exam from the participants in the courses to obtain an internationally accredited certificate, doubling your financial resources from training through your investment in the Oxford brand
Register on the Oxford Educational College platform as a certified trainer and take advantage of the advantages offered by the platform to accredited trainers​
Access to the largest number of training seekers in the various fields of training registered on the platform at the level of the Arab world​
Participation in training bids, as many government and private institutions and international organizations require trainers who are accredited by accredited international accreditation institutions when bidding, and your obtaining the title of accredited trainer from Oxford college allows you to participate in these bids through various training institutions or independently .
Obtaining the rank of certified trainer in accordance with the Oxford International Accreditation and Training Standards, in line with your experience in the field of training, documented by a certificate of accreditation and a page for the trainer bearing the Certified Trainer badge.

Advantages of accreditation

Standard examination fees for all OAB_UK accredited courses only $30

Exam fee

Marketing the approved courses for the trainer and registering for them through the Oxford educational platform

Course registration

We work together as a team to attract trainees, where courses are announced and registered through the platform and through social networking sites OAB_UK

Attracting trainees

Issuance fees for internationally accredited certificates for participants in accredited courses is free, and issued according to final exams on the Oxford Education Platform​

Issuance of certificates

Documenting the accreditation of trainers through their own pages on the Oxford College platform. They can control their content and through accreditation certificates and install the names of certified trainers on certificates

Certification of trainers' accreditation

Achieving international quality standards for certificates according to the sequence of an approved training bag, an accredited trainer, and an accredited training institution, issued under an approved exam, and documented and verified electronically around the world

Achieving international quality standards

Commitment to the coach does not entail any legal consequences

Legal aspects

An open field for the trainer to cooperate with all accredited training institutions

training institutions

Benefiting from the Oxford College community, similar to the Facebook system, to communicate with trainees, create their own groups, and participate in forums

Oxford Society

coach page

Certified trainer from Oxford Academy

coach badge

The coach gets the certified coach badge and the certified coaches logo

Profile personly

The coach can fully control his profile and add his resume, including contact information with the coach and his electronic resume.

Course dates

The coach can add the dates and venues of his upcoming courses to appear on his page and on the upcoming courses page on the Oxford educational platform

Accreditation details

The trainer page includes details of the trainer’s accreditation, rank, accreditation certificate, and approved training courses

Curriculum Vitae

The coach can share his page that includes his electronic CV when announcing his courses

Coach evaluation

The page includes the trainer's evaluation by the participants in his courses, which increases his chances of training

Oxford notices

oxford Notices from all entrants to oxford approved instructor courses

Oxford Community Services

Benefit from the services of the Oxford community, communicate with trainees, create a group that includes trainees in each course, and participate in public and specialized forums on the Oxford Educational College platform