Department of Business Consulting

Business consulting has become an important and growing role in helping executive management deal with innovation and change problems. This program will help you discover how to be a successful consultant, focusing on the basic skills required of you as a consultant to deliver the best performance to customers, and this program will cover a lot of skills, such as skills: communication, negotiation, presentation, meetings, reporting skills, as well as leadership and creativity skills.
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who should attend?

This program is suitable:
– For accounting workers who wish to be appointed as a business consultant
– For business consulting workers who want to hone and upgrade their skills
– For those who want to enter the world of business consulting, and want real support for them to work in this field.


This program aims to:
-Providing the student with important skills and techniques to start his career as a professional business consultant
-Covering all aspects of business consulting, from communication and negotiation to management, reporting and start-up business
-A comprehensive understanding of the role of business consultant, gaining confidence and the ability to succeed.



Program content:
The program consists of twelve units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Business Consultancy

Unit 2: Learn about the work environment

Unit 3: Key Consulting Skills

Unit 4: Effective Management

Unit 5: Project Task Management

Unit 6- Team Management

Unit 7- Skills of Rational Persuasion

Unit 8 – Time, Tension and Crisis Management

Unit 9- Data collection and analysis

Unit 10. Business communication skills and reporting

Unit 11 – Customer Offers

Unit 12- Start-up of business

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