Department of Department of Health and Therapeutic Nutrition

التغذية الصحية
Healthy nutrition is the main pillar of health, it is also the basis of disease prevention, and strengthening immunity, and talk of balanced nutrition has become common, especially with the spread of diverse diets, different dietary habits, and it is also a scientific necessity on the other hand, and from this importance this program is designed. If you have a passion to learn this area, start with us in the balanced nutrition program, learn about nutrition sciences, human body physiology and nutrients it needs, meal planning, food safety, adapt Natural diet, principles of therapeutic diet, and nutritional treatment for various diseases.
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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
– Dietitians and nutritionists who want to develop their knowledge and learn about everything that is new in this field
– Doctors in all specialties due to direct association of nutrition with human health
– Athletes
– Those who want to enter this field, and need real support that meets their ambitions
– Those who wish to study balanced nutrition to live a healthy life and apply it to their lives and those of their families
– Chronically ill people to improve their health by knowing the balanced food suitable for them.


Program objectives:
– Introducing students to basic food ingredients and dietary patterns that meet human needs
– Reducing the risk of chronic diseases common through diets
– Understanding and evaluating nutritional information in food products
– Applying knowledge in nutrition to personal dietary choices and dietary patterns
– Introducing students to the importance of food safety and ways to save food.


Program themes:

1- The basic and essential nutrients needed by the human body

2- Therapeutic nutrition for diabetics

3- Therapeutic nutrition for blood pressure patients

4- Therapeutic nutrition for cholesterol patients

5- Therapeutic nutrition for athletes (beginners)

6- Therapeutic nutrition for athletes (applicants)

7- Therapeutic nutrition for athletes (professionals)

8- Physiology of the human body (periodic organ)

9. Physiology of the human body (energy production methods)

10- Physiology of the human body (endocrine)

11- Food preservation methods

12- Communication skills

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