Department of Human Development and Self-Development

تنمية الموارد البشرية
Self-esteem is one of the most important keys to success to build a strong and balanced personality capable of leading itself towards excellence and success, and this field is considered one of the areas that are interested in studying the human to achieve his interests, it is one of the most important sciences that many researchers, trainees and students accept to learn. Due to the importance of human development, whether on a personal, professional or even family level, this integrated professional program is designed to develop your abilities, renew yourself and develop your relationships.
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who should attend?

This program is aimed at a wide range of people and is aimed at everyone who wants to excel from:

Media, managers and staff of public relations, administrators, businessmen, teachers, marketing workers, businessmen, researchers and human development trainers and anyone who is looking for the development of himself and aims to develop himself.


The aim of the program is to obtain advanced and intensive training that helps to discover one’s self and know its strengths to focus on, develop the ability to cope with the stresses of life, strengthen self-confidence, acquire the skills needed for effective communication and persuasion, leadership skills, and time management.


Now let’s get to know the most important themes of this program:

1- Strategies of the subconscious mind: the subconscious is connected to the conscious mind and does not work independently of it, so positive thinking must be harnessed in the whole thinking process, so positive messages must always be sent to the subconscious to receive them and turn them into a positive reality by controlling the behaviors of the individual. We will study in this area:

-Communication between the subconscious and the conscious

-Directing the subconscious mind

-Forgetfulness factors and memory strengthening skills

-Making a decision in the direction of action or inaction

2- Effective communication skills: The process of communication is the link between people because this process is a social activity in which people interact with each other, and this study comes in order to identify the concepts of communication, means of communication and its strategies and constraints and we will study in this area: 

-Elements of the connection process

-Barriers to effective communication

-Communication strategies for others

-Other influence skills 

-Keeping up and driving

3- NLP: Science and art reveals the inner world of man, and its potential, to reach the degree of human excellence. NLP science provides the tool that a person can use to bring about positive change. We study in this area: 

-Scientific principles of programming

-Types of mental programs 

-Success strategies and keys

-Law of Attraction

-Changing negative beliefs 

-Meta Model and its uses

-Typical techniques

4- Time management and priorities: Time management is the planning and practice of conscious control in the time spent by the human being in accomplishing tasks, and to invest time effectively, efficiently and productively more we study these axes: 

-Time management concepts

-Managing priorities and principles 

-Smart Target Industry

-Managing effective and outstanding performance 

-Pressure management.

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