Department of Media - Public Relations

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The functions of the “PUBLIC Relations” Department lie in establishing and maintaining the positive reputation of the company, organization or individual. Public relations specialists are experts in oral and written communication, and use traditional and contemporary media channels to do their job. Due to the importance of this specialization in institutions, and the need for the labour market for qualified and specialized staff to work professionally, this program is designed to give you the opportunity to study the basics of public relations, introduce real-life models and methods used in public relations, and understand the role of public relations as a job.
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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:

– Directors of the Media and Public Relations

-Department of companies and institutions

– All workers in this field who wish to develop their professional level

– All those wishing to apply for positions in this area, or to hold leadership positions in communication and public relations



This program aims to:

– Qualification of specialized public relations cadres in the public and private sectors from corporate contacts to advertising

– Develop students’ skills in producing attractive content, targeted messages and strategic campaigns to communicate effectively with target audiences

– Learn how to protect the reputation of an organization or company in times of crisis

– Helping companies build lasting relationships with people most important to their success

– Learn how to talk in public and express yourself without ambiguity and how to defend customers during crises.



Program themes:

– Introduction to public relations

– Functions of a member of public relations

– Qualities to be provided in a public relations member

– The difference between the functions of a member of public relations in companies and in student activities

– Public relations and marketing functions

– The difference between public relations and marketing

– How to write “Porposal”

– How to write an official email in detail

– How to raise CV in the email correctly 

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