Department of Medical Sciences - Cupping Science

علم الحجامه
Recently, cupping has increased significantly, cupping therapy becoming a modern treatment that brings comfort and healing to many patients, yet cupping is not a new science, but has been used for centuries by physical therapists and acupuncture specialists. Cupping is a science that improves blood flow, removes the effects of swelling, toxins, to make the patient feel comfortable, and heal, It is a complementary treatment that includes putting cups on the skin in a suction method. Our program begins with the definition of cupping, its benefits and its history, to reach the applied level and learn how to apply cupping, cupping barriers, and finally you will learn how to open your bridle project, where this program will provide you with the theoretical and practical aspects of the cupping.
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who should attend?

Cupping program is addressed to you if you:
– You want to learn cupping scientifically and practically, and create your own business in this field
– If you have experience with energy-based forms of treatment, you want to add cupping to your experiences as well
– If you work in the health field, interested in learning cupping


This program aims to:
– Preparing students to become competent practitioners of cupping science
– Understanding the scientific and clinical basis of cupping therapy
– Learn all cupping techniques, diagnosis, to practice this profession properly
– Preparing students to open their own cupping projects 


Program content:

1- Axis 1: what is the treatment with cupping
     * Introduction to cupping therapy
     * Cupping types
     * The basics and rules of cupping science

2- Axis 2: Benefits of cupping therapy
    * The role of cupping in eliminating pain
    * Common diseases treated by cupping
    * Cupping and its role in beauty

3- Axis 3: The History of Cupping
    * Cupping in People’s China
    * Cupping in Islam
    * Cupping in the West

4- Axis 4: the application and practice of cupping
    * Cupping positions
    * How to locate pain
    * Prepare for the cupping
    * Tools and means used in cupping
    * Cases where cupping treatment is prohibited
    * How to practice and apply cupping of all         kinds
    * Most common zoning
    * Pyrotechnic cupping
    * Wet cupping
    * New types of cupping
    * Common errors during cupping

5- Axis 5: Make yourself your own business in cupping:
    * How to start your project
    * Marketing for your cupping work
    * Clinic supplies
    * Project success factors

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