Department of Medical Sciences - Motor Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation focuses on patients who have lost the ability to carry out their daily tasks normally, often as a result of some injuries, strokes or some disorders in organ function, especially cases requiring long bed stays, or after a serious injury. Includes rehabilitation: physical therapy, occupational therapy, treatment of any pain or inflammation, and retraining to compensate for loss of ability to perform specific tasks. Treatment usually lasts on several sessions that can last for weeks or months depending on the condition.
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who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
Physiotherapists, trainers, occupational therapists, nurses seeking to improve their practices, develop their rehabilitation and health promotion skills, and all qualified professionals wishing to become experts in rehabilitation and health promotion for people recovering from illness or injury.


Program objectives:
The motor rehabilitation program aims to:
– Preparing participating students to apply the latest rehabilitation and care practices
– Provide full knowledge of health determinants, design, implement and evaluate rehabilitation strategies
– Introducing students to the principles of rehabilitation, physiology and pathological physiology
– Increase students’ ability to modify healthy behavior, measure physical activity, and evaluate fitness.



Program themes:

1- The concept of motor rehabilitation
2- The foundations of motor rehabilitation
3- Places that provide motor rehabilitation services
4- Cases requiring motor rehabilitation
5- The difference between physical therapy and motor rehabilitation
6- Motor patterns
7- The difference between major motor skills and precision skills
8- Advanced clinical practice of physiotherapy
9- Therapeutic exercises
10. Evaluation of rehabilitation practice

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