Department of Sports Management

الادارة الرياضية
The Sports Management Program provides a comprehensive look at the different sports fields, and the skills required to succeed in the management level of sports, if you have a passion for sports and sports management, and want to get a qualification in sports management, this program is appropriate for you because it is a combination of hands-on training along with sports entrepreneurs, gives you the opportunity to transform your passion for sport into a comprehensive understanding and management of professional world sport, and you will gain with us a range of capabilities to successfully manage a sports center.
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who should attend?

This programe is aimed at:
– Athletes seeking scientific and practical education in sports management, to enhance their careers
– All workers in the sports management sector, who wish to develop their skills, and see everything that is new in this field
– Workers in a sports environment who wish to receive specialized training in the management of sports operations
– Those with sports interests, who wish to complete their education in sports management, and create a future for them in the sports industry


This program aims to:
-Understanding and applying the strategic vision of the sports industry from a business perspective
-Preparing students to use the most innovative practices in sports management
-Prepare students for professional team leadership, and get the best results
-Providing students with qualifications to apply for management positions at a later stage of their careers


Program content:

1- Axis 1: introduction to sports management

2. Axis 2: Sports Marketing Department

3- Axis 3: Customer Service Management in Sports

4- Axis 4: personnel management in sports organizations

5- Axis 5: Department of Sports and Entertainment Operations

6. Axis 6: The Process of Strategic Management in Sport

7. Axis 7: Sports and Media

8. Axis 8: Management of major sporting events

9- Axis 9: Safety in the management of sports facilities

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