Training, Awareness, implementation of internal audit for standard ISO 9001:2015

This course is designed to teach you how to perform an internal audit of your companies own Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 19011:2018. It also covers the role of the internal auditor in the development and improvement of an effective quality management system.
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who should attend?

  • Any company interested in improve the quality concept for its employees . 

  • If you are working in quality domain (quality specialist quality officer.. ) 

  • Everyone who has interested in ISO standards awareness.

  • People who are interested to become Internal auditor, and later Lead Auditor. 


  • Understand the Quality concept

  • Awareness about ISO organization and standards. 

  • Become an expert internal auditor for ISO 9001:2015. 

  • Learn how to conduct internal audit for ISO 9001: 2015 referring to ISO 19011:2018


1- Quality Concept – Progress

2- QC x QA x QMS

3- QMS Principles

4- ISO Organization

 5- ISO 9001:2015 requirements:  


  • Clause 4:  Context Of Organization

  • Clause 5 : Leadership

  • Clause 6: Planning 

    • Risk Based Thinking

    • PDCA cycle

  • Clause 7: Support 

  • Clause 8: Operations 

    • Phases of operation Management 

    • Validation and Verification

    • Control of external supplier

  • Clause 9:  Performance Evaluation

    • Internal Audit Code of Ethics

    • Internal Audit Phases

    • Internal Audit Report

  • Clause 10:  Improvement

    • How to deal with Non conformity 

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